The quickest and most cost efficient way to have your own line of private label liquid herbal & nutraceutical supplements manufactured.

15 years of experience in Liquid Supplement contract manufacturing at your disposal.

The most extensive ingredient availability for any herbal product you can imagine.

Formulas built to your specifications.

Capability to handles as little as 3,000 units.

100% alcohol-free cold extraction from start to finish.

We utilize a fusion of science and nature by providing nutraceuticals in our herbal remedies.

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All of the following are available:

"From your inspiration to the finished product - the LNG team makes your vision a reality"

Our proprietary, industry leading multistage liquid tincture process, macerates, brews and extracts herbs according to their unique characteristics to ensure potency.

Protect privacy and your formula. We're happy to sign an NDA.

Organic Certified and non-GMO. Capable of producing organic products.

In house fulfillment and lot tracking. All shipments are guaranteed against damages.

Low minimums and no set up fees.

In house label design and printing

Maintain proper records for raw ingredients.

Strictly qualified vendors. Assigned account reps.

Experienced with on-site audits and in-depth documentation audits.

Experienced with Stability testing and potency testing.

Identity Testing and CofA's provided with every batch.

Multimedia assets available to increase your marketing.

We test, track and quarantine all raw materials.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are guidelines that provide a system of

processes, procedures and documentation to assure a product has the identity,

strength, composition, quality and purity that appear on its label. These GMP requirements are listed in Section 8 of NSF/ANSI 173 which is the only American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry developed in accordance with the FDA’s 21 CFR part 111.


NSF International independently registers manufacturers as meeting GMP requirements. The program is open not just to manufacturers of dietary supplements but also to manufacturers of ingredients and raw materials, as well as distribution, warehousing and packaging companies, who want to demonstrate their commitment to public safety.


Independent registration from the global public health organization demonstrates a commitment to dietary supplement quality and compliance with U.S. GMP requirements.


NSF GMP registration verifies that the facility that is audited twice annually for quality and safety in compliance with Federal Regulations for dietary supplements good manufacturing practices.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) registration including:


  • Audits of all production facilities that manufacture, package, warehouse or distribute dietary supplements or functional foods
  • Review of quality control testing procedures for raw materials and finished products.
  • Review of maintenance, housekeeping, cleaning and sanitization
  • procedures Review of sourcing and traceability procedures
  • Review of training and qualification programs Review of internal SOPs
  • Product Recall Procedures

Our Competitors

You Order Your Product from a Distributor

These distributors usually buy their supplements at the lowest cost from manufacturers overseas who use the cheapest ingredients.

Your Formula Might Scare Consumers

In 2014, 43% of supplement users reported using clean label supplements and 23% gave preference to ‘naturally sourced’ guarantees. This trend is fast on the rise. These guarantees are difficult for foreign manufacturers to make because health guidelines vary by region, and higher quality products are more expensive to produce.1

Your Product is Nothing New

You’re not the only game in town. Distributors order these supplements in bulk and sell them indiscriminately. Without the ability to customize your formula, you can bet there’s a handful of companies selling the same exact product with a different label. This drastically reduces your competitive advantage.

Out of Supply? Out of Luck

With so many companies ordering the same product from the same distributor, you’re bound to run into supply problems. Bulk orders from foreign manufacturers can take months to fulfill, leaving you with two options: Turn away sales, or eat into your budget by ordering far more than you need. The result? Either you lose customer confidence or dangerously gamble with your finances.

1. MSI, 2014. The 2014 Gallup Study of the U.S. Market for Vitamins & Other Dietary Supplements.


You customize a unique formula that’ll set you apart from the competition.


Your formula is carefully Made in America with state of the art equipment in our brand new FDA registered, GMP certified laboratory.


When you open the box, your product is labeled, packaged, tested for purity and quality, and guaranteed to pass all 3rd party testing.


Your reorders take 4-6 weeks or less. Your privacy  and formula are always protected. We are happy to sign an NDA.

Quality Control Guarantee

Our cutting-edge nutraceutical manufacturing machinery, cGMP & FDA certified lab, and in-house quality control department carefully monitor your liquid supplement to ensure it meets industry standards and passes all third-party testing - guaranteed.

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You receive a price quote in less than 24 hours

No two businesses are the same. We’ve helped businesses scale from 1-room offices into 5,000 square-foot success stories.


Whether your orders are large or small, we’ll ensure you have the most competitive margins for optimal growth.


3,000 unit minimum order quantity, response in less than 24 hours

Our natural health experts verify your formula to meet Federal and State Requirements

Already have a formula in mind? Great!


Our team of natural health experts stay at the forefront of herbal nutrition.


With breakthrough research happening all the time, we make sure each formula is always two steps ahead of the competition.


Our team ensures the highest quality ingredients hand picked from their natural habitats around the world to assure their potency and freshness.

Your formula is carefully prepared in GMP & FDA approved lab

Most liquid supplement manufacturers use a hot alcohol-extraction method that can damage ingredients, render them ineffective, and even ‘spoil’ the formula faster.


We use a powerful alcohol-free cold extraction with glycerol so you get the most out of every ingredient and ensure your formula is preserved for years

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